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Why SweetBeats?

“Why double-tipped drum sticks?”

This is a question I get asked a lot.

SweetBeats sticks were designed for both versatility & convenience. My patented “Duo” double-tipped design, which I designed many years ago, provides a broader sonic dynamic range between the two tips on each end.

While a traditional single tip stick provides one specific sound and limited sonic range, SweetBeats caters to all types of music, from soft ballads to heavy rock music.

SweetBeats has a larger tip on one end, and a smaller tip on the other. This “Duo” design makes it easy for any drummer to easily switch from various types of songs — from soft to hard-hitting tunes  with a simple flip. No need to switch to an entirely different drum stick.



Again, versatility & convenience.

A lot of drummers also ask me about my snare sound...

One of the reasons I’m able to achieve my signature snare sound (both in sound and volume combined with my feel) is because of my drum sticks. I custom-designed a short & thick taper on the fatter tip in order to get a stronger sound and more volume on the snare drum.

This will really give you that crack on your snare!

Listen to some of the hit songs I’ve worked on including “Like A Prayer” (Madonna) or “Healing Hands” (Elton John) and you will understand what I’m talking about!

That signature snare sound could be achieved with SweetBeats sticks! For many years, my stick design was my secret weapon on the kit, and helped me achieve the ideal drum sound and range while working with some of the biggest pop superstars in the world including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John and many others.

Working behind these pop superstars also made showmanship a very important aspect in my drumming. With the double-tip sticks, I can never go wrong with stage theatrics including stick flips which allows me to always land on a tip (not the butt end, like you would with a traditional single-tip stick).

With its versatility in sound and dynamic range as well as convenience in combining the sound of two different drum sticks in one, SweetBeats will help take your drumming to the next level.

Drummers, this is your time to shine....

Happy Drumming!