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SweetBeats Drum Sticks - Sweet Hickory Espresso Stained Wood | Wood Tips

Size: 5A
Body Finish: Matte


Double-Tipped & Double-Tapered

Patent-pending design lets you glide from soft rhythms to epic solos without missing a beat.

Perfectly Balanced

Unmatched balance in every swing.

Strong & Durable

Built for powerful rim shots and intense marathon sessions.

Precise Articulation

Every beat is clear and distinct.

Genre Versatility

For any kind of player. For any type of music.

First Ever Double-Tipped, Double-Tapered Drum Sticks

Hello, I'm Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett. I've had the privilege of sharing the stage and recording with many groundbreaking music icons—from Michael Jackson to Madonna, Elton John to Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones to Kool and the Gang.

Watch my Billie Jean performance on Drumeo to see my SweetBeats sticks in action…

A Beat Different

The SweetBeats story really begins on a late night in 1988. I was in Denmark recording with Elton John…

That album was Sleeping with the Past, but there was no sleeping for me. There was a snowstorm and I was trapped inside.

And as I sat restless in bed, I realized I felt trapped as a drummer.

You see, many of us drum in our own ways. One way I defy convention is by playing the butt end of the stick on the snare. This technique wasn't common practice, but it produced a deep, punchy sound that I felt was truly my own.

Yet, the traditional drumstick design wasn't suited to accommodate this unique playing style, resulting in inconsistent sounds.

An idea came to me on that restless night: What if a drumstick could unleash the uniqueness of every drummer? What if it could work with each of our individual playing styles?

What if a drumstick could free us?

Sweetbeats - Embracing The Unbeaten Path

I designed SweetBeats sticks with different-sized tips at each end.

Plus, a shorter taper on one end so it has the powerful hit of the butt end of a traditional drum stick (but with more consistency in sound).

This innovative double-tipped and double-tapered design creates a perfectly balanced feel...

It gives you a consistency in brightness in sound, no matter which end you’re using...

It opens up new possibilities for all drummers to create their unique percussive voice. Choose the smaller or bigger tip as you play and explore different sounds, volumes, and dynamics.

SweetBeats sticks are all about embracing your style, your rhythm. It's about giving you the freedom to experiment within the infinite sonic landscape. After all, who wants to be another common beat when they can create a symphony of their own?

Unleash Your Sweet Beats

With SweetBeats, your drumming is more than keeping time—it's creating your own universe of sounds. Every stroke, every beat becomes a part of your own musical journey. It's about daring to venture into uncharted rhythms, about shaping a path that is uniquely your own.

My journey with SweetBeats has taken me to places I never imagined, playing rhythms that defy convention, creating beats that truly represent me.

Working with artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Elton John allowed me to witness the power in being extraordinary. Ordinary is overplayed—dare to be different.

So as I continue to explore this uncharted musical landscape, I invite you to join me...

Unleash the sweet beats within you with SweetBeats.