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Moffett Drum Key (Majestic Collection) - 14K Gold "M" Talisman

Note: This is a specialty order.
Delivery can take around 4 weeks! 


Made of 14k gold


All keys come with a plain black necklace thread by default. You will soon be able to purchase gold or silver chains separately on the Moffett Store. Attachable and detachable clamp included with key which can be hooked up to a necklace. A hand signed memento by Jonathan Moffett is included as well as a signed “This Is It” movie pass ($100 value).


Moffett Jewelry Drum Keys are my new patent pending luxury Rolls-Royce quality wearable jewelry drum key series that I’ve designed and conceptualized many years ago. I teamed up with artists Franco Vescovi and Zhushi to bring my drum keys to life. Each key is designed with patent-pending detachable clamps that make it simple to pull off from your necklace when needed for use and easily reattach when finished tuning your drums! These drum keys are designed with utmost durability and ease of use!

Included with each box set is a signed leaflet

As a drummer, I'm aware how frustrating it is when you're on the gig and looking for your key and how easy it is to lose them. I've designed my keys so they not only aesthetically stand out (most drum keys look the same and basic, making them easy to misplace or lose) but they are also worn with special clamps that make them easy to detach/reattach with ease so you can stress less about tuning and focus on your drumming. Not to mention, these drum keys are so beautiful and special, you can wear them every day and show the world that you're proud to be a drummer. :)

This is the drummer's key!

I hope my drum keys bring you ease and joy in your drum journey!

Happy Tuning!